A photo of a pile of paperback copies of The Casa Martyrs


A book cover with the title: The Casa Martyrs, book one of the blazing court, and the author's name: Moti Black. The image is contained within the shape of a woman's head and is a red sky with white clouds and a tall mountain in the foreground.
Cover Art by Moti Black.

Available on kindle and as a paperback from Amazon.

The first instalment of the Blazing Court trilogy, The Casa Martyrs, is a 101,000 word contemporary fantasy novel published in 2023. More information can be found in this post

A pale image of clouds is in the background, the shape of a woman's head with red clouds and a tall blue mountain is on the right hand side. Over this are three sections of text. 1) The Casa Martyrs by Moti Black is an absolute masterpiece! With a revolutionary perspective that has impacted my life for the better. By Poppy. 2) An incisive look at what it means to be autistic and always on the edge of social groups. by S Paul. 3) What I absolutely adore about this book, along with the beautiful prose, is the very realistic representation of an autistic person with cPTSD. By Weird Book Girl.

The Setting Sun will be the second book in the Blazing Court trilogy and is currently in progress.

Short Stories:

Available on this blog:

Me. Me. Meme: A 4000 word short story about an Autistic lesbian couple... with a twist.
The Odd Bods and Death Husk: A 2000 word story which came runner up in the 2021 Cymera Short Story Competition, which had the prompt 'After the Plague'.


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