The Casa Martyrs

A Contemporary Low Fantasy Novel by Moti Black
First Book of the Blazing Court Trilogy

Kerella does not fit in: she’s a drop out and a freak. Unable to live up to her father’s expectations, she creates a fantasy world where she feels she belongs. 

When she joins a band called The Casa Martyrs, Kerella starts to feel like she belongs somewhere for the first time in her life. But the lines between fantasy and reality start to blur, and her whole life turns upside down. 

As she begins to discover more about herself, the members of the band, and her other world, she finds out not everyone is as honest as they appear.

When the battles and politics which once inhabited her head and provided a pleasant distraction become too real, she is in the centre of a complex network of power games.

And the fate of a whole world lies in her hands.

Can she work out whose side she is on, who she can trust, and most importantly, whether she can, or ought to, have faith in herself? 


92,300 Words, 44 chapters


Gaslighting and Fake News
Me Too and Surviving
Tarot and the Esoteric 
The value of the artist in society


Contemporary Low Fantasy

Similar Works:

The War for the Oaks by Emma Bull meets From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Current Status: 

Taking a break from approaching agents whilst I focus on my art work for the new season :-) 

The Setting Sun

A Contemporary Low Fantasy Novel by Moti Black
Second Book of the Blazing Court Trilogy

Catapulted back to Kaetia, Tushenta finds the only thing people want from her, is to know who she is going to marry, until the Kaetian regime launch an all-out attack on her reputation, and once again she is a freak who does not fit in.

Exiled into the harsh Acrean plains with some of the former members of The Casa Martyrs, they decide to fight Kaetia the only way they know how: through music and a new band called ‘The Setting Sun’.

Following orders from the mysterious leader of The Historians, ‘The Qora Mushuk’, the cogs of the resistance keep turning with some allies proving more useful than others. 

When the sinister Kaetian plans for the Crater of the Dead are uncovered, the time to strike becomes imminent, but the cost of the battle will be high.


5000/90,000 (First Draft)


LGBQT Positive
Media Manipulation and Political Change
Me Too and Surviving
Tarot and the Esoteric
The value of the artist in society.

Current Status: 

Work in progress

Writing Goals

I aim to become a full time writer, creating narratives and worlds that will lift up those marginalised by society and provide hope to those in pain.

With a background in doctoral level politics, equality and diversity, and a deep fascination with the esoteric, I love to delve into research, burying Easter eggs within my work. However, my main goal is to create accessible stories to bring hope that, in this world of fake news, exploitation, division, and prejudice, a better future is possible.

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