Unpublished work:

The Casa Martyrs

First book of the Blazing Court Trilogy

How far would you go to protect your home?

And is the devil willing to go further? 

Kerella has been creating her own fantasy world where the rulers of the afterlife can’t be trusted, librarians are rewriting history, and mathematicians eat babies. Her father is the Devil, and she’s on the run from an arranged marriage.

In the real world, The Casa Martyrs is trying to win a charity Battle of the Bands to save the local community centre, and Kerella is their new keyboardist.

Wrapped up in her imagination, she quickly decides the flaky guitarist, Tyler, is her ‘soul mate’ helping her escape the clutches of her intended suitor, and the bassist is the Devil. 

When she realises her stories are putting her sanity and victory at the battle of the bands at risk, she decides to take action to burn her fantasy world down. By doing so, she is putting Tyler’s life at risk, delivering herself back into the arranged marriage, and making the most humiliating mistake of her life. But it’s not like her fantasy world is real…

94,000 Words


Contemporary Low Fantasy (Deities)
New Adult/Adult 

Twitter Pitch:

Two lovers cross dimensions to prove their love is genuine.
Only to find out it really isn’t.
Now they’re stuck on Earth, in a band facing its most important gig ever, and they can’t stop fighting.
But the show must go on, and everyone must believe their act.


Mental health
Gaslighting and Fake News
Me Too

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WIP: The Setting Sun - 10,000-13,000 words into the first draft.

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