Unpublished work:

The Casa Martyrs

By Moti Black
First book of the Blazing Court Trilogy
Unpublished, finished manuscript.


Contemporary Low Fantasy
New Adult


Kerella does not fit in: she’s a drop out and a freak. Unable to live up to her father’s expectations, she creates a fantasy world where she feels she belongs. 

When joins a band called The Casa Martyrs, Kerella faces new relationships and unfamiliar feelings. And the lines between fantasy and reality start to blur.

As she begins to discover more about herself, the members of the band, and her other world, her allegiances constantly shift.

When the battles and politics which once inhabited her head and provided a pleasant distraction become too real, she is in the centre of a complex network of power games.

Can she work out whose side she is on, who she can trust, and most importantly, whether she can, or ought to, have faith in herself?

The novel for the #Gaslighted #MeToo era.


93,318 Words, 44 chapters


Mental health
Gaslighting and Fake News
Me Too and Surviving
Tarot and the Esoteric 
The value of the artist in society

Similar Works:

  • The War for the Oaks by Emma Bull: A contemporary real world setting which has the main character learning about the existence of different realms whilst raking part in a battle of the bands (with high stakes) and supernatural beings.
  • From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout: A main female character, raised in isolation and innocence, who later develops a less puritanical outlook. A keyplayer in political battles, but not out of personal choice, struggling to unpick the fake histories she has been fed, and decide which side of the battle she should join.


Two lovers cross dimensions to prove their love is genuine.
Only to find out it really isn’t.
Now they’re stuck on Earth, in a band facing its most important gig ever, and they can’t stop fighting.
But the show must go on, and everyone must believe their act.

The broken freak everyone ridicules has convinced herself she is a god
that she can help The Casa Martyrs win the Battle of the Bands
and come up with a plan to overthrow the corrupt rulers of the afterlife.
Deluded much.
Or is she?

24 year old sexual abuse survivor prefers to live in her own fantasy world.
Gets roped into a battle of the bands with the Devil and the Golden Son of Kaetia.
Ends up in a garden centre planning a war for the afterlife.

Current Status:
Submission ready.

Unfinished Work:

The Setting Sun

A Contemporary Low Fantasy Novel by Moti Black
Second Book of the Blazing Court Trilogy


5000/90,000 (First Draft)


LGBQT Positive
Media Manipulation and Political Change
Me Too and Surviving
Tarot and the Esoteric
The value of the artist in society.

Current Status: 

Currently on hold whilst I work on short stories to bump up my bio, art work to bring in money, and other personal responsibilities. 

Moti Black and Writing:

I am currently an artist and can't devote as much time as I would like to writing.

I do love my art, but it never wakes me up in the middle of the night with excitement. When I am out of the house, I never rush back to apply another layer of paint to my current painting, but I will run in and start scribbling down the plot ideas that have just come to me.

My art has increasingly started to feature things that don't exist in my attempts to shift my style to a more illustrative application. I have one idea for a picture book, (Trick or Trout and the Halloween Halibut), but writing is my main love and always has been. I haven't done any art for my writing yet, as I read a few times that publishers like to control the visual look of a novel, and I have been busy feeding my established market. However, I have a few ideas, and, whilst I am a an untethered spirit, I may just start working on a few images. 

My preferred pigeon holes are New Adult, Adult, Low Fantasy, Magical Realism and Women's fiction.

I aim to create narratives and worlds that will lift up those marginalised by society and provide hope to those in pain.

With a background in political research, equality and diversity, and a deep fascination with the esoteric, I love to delve into research, burying Easter eggs within my work. However, my main goal is to create accessible stories to bring hope that, in this world of fake news, exploitation, division, and prejudice, a better future is possible.

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