The Casa Martyrs

A book cover. The image is a bust of a woman's head with a red fantasy landscape with a tall dark blue mountain and a red sky with white clouds. The Text reads: The Casa Martyrs. Moti Black. Book One of the Blazing Court Trilogy.

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I present to you The Casa Martyrs! The first book of The Blazing Court trilogy. 

The Casa Martyrs is a contemporary low fantasy adventure with an authentic Autistic female protagonist (25 y/o) recovering from sexual abuse and living with cPTSD. 

A shape of a woman's head filled with a grey image of a tall mountain, clouds in the sky, and desert like landscape.

How far would you go to protect your home?

And is the devil willing to go further? 

Kerella has her own fantasy world where the rulers of the afterlife can’t be trusted, librarians are rewriting history, and mathematicians eat babies. Her father is the devil, and she’s on the run from an arranged marriage.

In the real world, ‘The Casa Martyrs’ needs to win a charity Battle of the Bands to save the local community centre, and Kerella is their new keyboardist.

Wrapped up in her imagination, she decides the guitarist is her ‘soul mate’ helping her escape the clutches of her intended suitor, and the bassist is the devil. 

When she realises her stories are putting her sanity and victory at the battle of the bands at risk, she takes action to burn her fantasy world down. By doing so, she’s putting her ‘soul mate’s’ life in danger, delivering herself back into an arranged marriage, and making the most humiliating mistake of her life. 

But it’s not like her fantasy world is real…

If you like a companion document with your books, there's a Casa Martyrs Glossary PDF which can be downloaded here. (A smaller version is also included in the paperback version of the book.)

Merchandise for The Casa Martyrs is available on the Moti Black RedBubble Store

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All writing and artwork is the work of Moti Black and totally AI free.

My favourite reviews from Amazon:

Review by Poppy:

The Casa Martyrs by Moti Black is an absolute masterpiece! With a revolutionary perspective that has impacted my life for the better. I’ve never related to a character the way that I have related to the main character, Kerella.

Being an autistic person myself, I related to so many things about Kerella. The way people treated her. The way she thinks, talks, acts. Relating to her love of music, tarot, art, and love of history was an absolute bonus! Experiencing this kind of representation had me in tears on multiple occasions. Her last song. Wow, just wow! Chills. Chills. Chills.

I’ve always been interested in spirituality and the occult, so I loved the Kaetian world, themes of reincarnation, and the different realms featured in this story. I feel as though I learned many valuable lessons. How to be more confident and kind to myself is one that comes to mind. Kerella is so damn cool. Maybe I am too!

Review by Weird Book Girl:

I need the second book out, like, yesterday! I adore it and am waaay too invested in certain characters!

So, THE CASA MARTYRS is a contemporary low fantasy novel, the first part of a trilogy titled The Blazing Court. It revolves around Kerella, an autistic young woman with a difficult past and cPTSD, living somewhere in a British coastal village.

What I absolutely adore about the book, along with the beautiful prose, is the very realistic representation of an autistic person with cPTSD. The author didn’t shy away from showing what rock bottom looks like, and how society’s ignorance and treatment of broken people doesn’t help at all. Kerella’s sometimes seemingly irrational behaviour is typical to many neurodivergent people, and provides the reader with a sneak peek into what it is like to be different, opening the window for learning, dialogue, and empathy.

The story follows Kerella as she starts to build her adult life from the rubble of her childhood, finds new friends, new meaning, and falls in love with someone who is seemingly meant to be hers.

But life isn’t simple with so much baggage. Things go horribly wrong, she loses everything, and she’s forced to find herself and learn to stand her ground, once and for all.

Oh, and she might be the main deity of a civilisation in a different dimension, holding the world’s fate in her hands. Or she might just be slowly losing her grip on reality. Only one way to find out!

Review by S Paul:

Vivid characters and surprising plot twists make The Casa Martyrs a bonafide page-turner!

The narrative artfully spans two worlds that each, in their own way, show what it takes to connect with others in a world fraught with unseen dangers.

It's both an incisive look at what it means to be autistic and always on the edge of social groups, and also a universal exploration of love, loss... and hope.

Am looking forward to the next installment!!

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