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The Last Olive Branch

When I first started writing this blog post, it was angry.  I was angry.  I was raging and processing past trauma. I have now moved on to a more positive place. It is scary, but manageable. Content Warning: There is nothing that bad below, but some descriptions of society’s treatment of Autistic people, self-harm, and suicide which may cause some distress. Moti Black, Goat's Head, Digital Art This image is available on RedBubble here About a decade ago, I experienced what I now understand to be a hyper neurotypical workplace environment, bullying, gaslighting, ghosting, the whole shebang. For two years I worked as hard as I could ‘to save your job, to save the jobs of your colleagues’. Towards the end, all the important responsibilities were shifted to a newcomer, and I was increasingly set up to be kicked out of the door. I was exhausted, having someone else explicitly take credit for my work, dealing with colleagues literally laughing behind their hands making jokes about me, and

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