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The Cat that Summoned the Sun

  The Cat that Summoned the Sun A short story by Moti Black TW: contains reference to suicide, alcohol abuse, and workplace bullying. I sit by the window, looking out at the dark street. Across the road, also watching the night through glass, is the fool who is the bane of my existence.  He is staring at a bush. Does he feel sorry for all the trouble he causes night after night? Does he have any idea how hard it is to undo his mistakes, and that the burden falls on my shoulders alone? I shake off the self-pity. It serves no purpose and won’t change the nature of things.  Strands of universal energy waft past the window, stirring the cold night air, and leaving a whisper of light in their wake. It is almost time.  I stand up and stretch. At this time of year, my task is harder, and I need to focus with all my strength. Even though I know all my efforts will be undone in about seven hours, because the idiot across the road has no self-control. The ritual begins. I lean forward and dig my

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