The Casa Martyrs

A Contemporary Fantasy Novel by Moti Black
First Book of the Blazing Court Trilogy

Home is something you seek.
Home is something you escape.
Home demands sacrifice.

For the freaks who don’t belong, this is your home.

Kerella does not fit in. She’s a mess, worthless, a drop out and a freak. Unable to live up to her father’s expectations, Kerella deploys her number one survival strategy: running away.

She escapes the real world by creating a fantasy world she can call home. But that doesn’t fit in with her father’s vision of his family, and, together with Kerella’s only friend, Becca, he attempts to pull her out of her fantasy realm and root her back in the real world.

When she is persuaded to join a band called The Casa Martyrs, Kerella faces new relationships and feelings of belonging which start to blur the lines between her fantasy home and the real world.

Soon, her escapist fantasies stop providing the comfort they once did, because she is not sure how much she has imagined, and because they aren’t solely her domain anymore.

As she begins to discover more about herself, the members of the band, and her other world, battle lines are drawn and blurred, relationships built up and broken down, and most importantly, she learns that she does not have the luxury of running away.

When the battles and political intrigue which once inhabited her head and provided a pleasant distraction become too real, she is in the centre of a complex network of power games.

Can she work out whose side she is on, who she can trust, and what she will sacrifice to find home?

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