The Casa Martyrs

A Contemporary Low Fantasy Novel by Moti Black
First Book of the Blazing Court Trilogy

Kerella does not fit in: she’s a drop out and a freak. Unable to live up to her father’s expectations, she creates a fantasy world where she feels she belongs.

When she is persuaded to join a band called The Casa Martyrs, Kerella faces new relationships and feelings of belonging. But the lines between fantasy and reality start to blur, and her whole life turns upside down.

As she begins to discover more about herself, the members of the band, and her other world, her allegiances constantly shift as she finds out not everyone is as honest as they appear.

When the battles and politics which once inhabited her head and provided a pleasant distraction become too real, she is in the centre of a complex network of power games.

And the fate of a whole world lies in her hands.

Can she work out whose side she is on, who she can trust, and most importantly, whether she can, or ought to, have faith in herself? 


Gaslighting and Fake News
Me Too and Surviving
Tarot and the Esoteric 

Due to lockdown, it is likely I will finish this in July 2020.

Current progress: Finished! Just working on synopses, final proofreading, and the start of the next book before I approach agents.

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