A watercolour painting of Lindisfarne Castle by Moti Black
Lindisfarne Castle, Watercolour, Moti Black
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Moti Black's Art:

I am currently taking a break from art to focus on my writing, but intend to return slightly stranger in a few years.

A watercolour painting of a red sky and a tall blueish mountain.
Kasaman's Mountain, Watercolour, Moti Black
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I'm an  Autistic Artist, which tells you pretty much nothing. I do love small details, and I will be creating more sunflowers and Autistic relevant cartoons in the future.

I work in watercolours, AI free digital art, carved pumpkins, and photography.


In my watercolours, I often include tiny details, so often these are best viewed in enlarged versions.

A watercolour painting of Pittenweem harbour.
Pittenweem Harbour (Otherwise known as Before the Dory), Watercolour, Moti Black
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I also like taking two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel, and creating paintings using just two paints. I'm slowly posting different paint combinations as part of my 'Around the Colour Wheel in Eighty Shades' series, which can be found here.

A watercolour painting of a red apple on a green background.
The Fall of Constantinople, Watercolour, Moti Black
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Digital Art:

I design these images by hand, draw them out in felt tip, scan them into photoshop, then create different effects.

A red fox design made from celtic knots.
Celtic Knot Fox, Digital Art, Moti Black
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I carve pumpkins. 

For those with a bit of knowledge about this craft, I carve real shaded 'kins. 

This means I use wood carving tools to slice away at the flesh of a real pumpkin, so the light from an electric tealight placed inside the pumpkin comes through at different intensities. I then photograph the pumpkin, and that is the art you see online. If you're in Pittenweem in October, you can usually see my pumpkins on display at the Bistro Dory.

A photo of a carved pumpkin with the village of Pittenweem carved onto it.
Pittenweem West Shore, Pumpkin Carving, Moti Black
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I have also started to dabble in photography. I mostly chase bees around my garden and take close ups of flowers.

A photograph of a bee on an orange sunflower
Bumblebee on a Red Sunflower, Photo, Moti Black
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Buying Online:

You can see/buy my art over on RedBubble via this link.

This is the only place online to buy my art from me, although I have seen my art pirated elsewhere.

Please be aware that other sites will either be working from poorer quality files lifted from the internet, or set up to get your card info. And obviously, no money will be coming to me.

I have never given permission for my artwork to be used for AI training, but I'm aware it has been used.

Please don't contact me about using my images for NFTs. I have never given my permission for my artwork to be used, and will not be doing so in the future.

Private Studio Visits:

I'm taking a break from exhibiting for the next few years, but I will be opening up my office/studio in Pittenweem for private customers. This is not a professional studio, just where I do all my work. 

You can contact me via to arrange an appointment. Appointments are only after 2pm, I will need at least 3 days notice, and I can't guarantee I'll be available for your chosen time slot, but I'll do my best!

There are stairs up to my office/studio, so please let me know if you can't use these, and I will bring down the items you are interested in before your appointment.


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