Thursday, 10 March 2022

The Turkish Poppy and the Happy Accident

A watercolour painting of a Red Turkish poppy
Bleeding Poppy, Watercolour, Moti Black, March 2022
This image is on RedBubble here.

Every year, I grow a patch of Turkish Poppies around my apple tree. I love their deep red; how, when they first open, they pop out of their buds, throwing the casing across the lawn; how they as so small; and that their petals are blown off within a couple of days at most.

I've been wanting to paint a series of paintings featuring these poppies for a while, and decided this was the year. 

I used two opposing colour palettes in this painting, Winsor Red and Holbein's Marine Blue, and Winsor Green Yellow Shade and Opera Rose. Unfortunately, the scan didn't pick out the Winsor Green Yellow Shade as well as I'd have hoped. I photoshopped it for a bit to try and get the colours as close to the original as possible, and although it's not quite right, I like the digital version in its own right.

When I first scanned the painting, I had the brightness setting a bit too low. Although I readjusted the settings and rescanned, the first image was stuck in my mind. Two days later, I decided that, although it felt a bit like the scanner was thumbing its nose at me telling me it could do better than my design, I would release the dark version alongside the original painting. 

A dark scan of a watercolour painting of a red Turkish poppy
Vibrant Bleeding Poppy, Watercolour and dark scan, Moti Black, 2022
This image is on RedBubble here.

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