Tuesday, 11 May 2021


In 2013, The Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) held a competition to design a Facebook banner. I won the competition with the below image and it was used by TABI for the next eight years.

Watercolour painting featuring the Tarot cards, The Moon, The World, and The Star
TABI Tarot Montage, Moti Black, Watercolour 2013
An alternative version of this image is available on RedBubble here with the writing photoshopped out.

A tote bag featuring the Tarot cards The World and The MoonA magnet featuring the Tarot card The World

The time came to retire this image and a competition to design a new banner was announced. This time it was to celebrate TABI's twentieth anniversary, and included a logo design for the conference.

I selected Judgement, the twentieth Major Arcana, and created an entirely new image from my imagination on which to base my competition entry.

A watercolour painting of Judgement, an angel with a trumpet and steampunk wings
Judgement, Moti Black, Watercolour, 2021
This image is available on RedBubble here.

A tank top with an Angel of Judgement imageA clock with the image of the Angel of Judgement


I used this image as the basis of my logo designs for the conference.

An Angel with a trumpet and the TABI logoTABI logo with trumpet and cogs

Social Media Banner

And then I added images from my last winning entry and two other paintings to create a five Tarot card pattern to mirror the TABI logo.

A five tarot card pattern with Justice, The World, Judgement, The Sun, and The Star.
Some of these images are available on RedBubble here.

TABI members voted for the winning design

And I won


Thank You!


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