Sunday, 24 January 2021

West Braes Dolphins

There is an amazing charity in the village where I live called the West Braes Project (SC047249). I do a bit of volunteering for it, which has included, in the past, creating some artwork for posters and logos. 

A few years ago, I set up a RedBubble account to try and make some more funds for the project with the bits and bobs I created. To make things easier to manage, with the project's permission, I have closed that account and moved some of these images over to my own account. (Moti Black).

All the artist's profits from sales from The Dolphin Collection will be donated to The West Braes Project. If you want the profits to go to them, please make sure you only buy from The Dolphin Collection.

There are over 80 products for each image, including magnets, stickers, notebooks, coasters, T shirts, bags, phone cases, clocks, blankets and face masks.

Here are a few samples of the products you could buy to support the West Braes Project. More will be added. 

Gardening Dolphin with rabbit, bee, butterflies and pot plants, on a badge.
Stickers of a Gardening Dolphin, Bees, a rabbit, butterflies and a pot plant
Gardening Dolphin, Moti Black, 2019
This image can be found on RedBubble here.

A notebook with a dolphin heart on it
Dolphin Heart, Moti Black, 2021
This image can be found on RedBubble here.

Coasters featuring a dolphin wearing a hat saying Your Oceans Need You
Your Oceans Need You, Moti Black, 2018
This image can be found on RedBubble here.

A clock with a rainbow dolphin logo on it
Rainbow Dolphin Circle, Moti Black, 2017
This image can be found on RedBubble here.
(Previously the best selling image on the West Braes RedBubble account.)

Dolphin Playing Bagpipes on a magnet
Dolphins playing bagpipes on a cushion
Dolphins Playing the Bagpipes, Moti Black 2021
This image can be found on RedBubble here.

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