Saturday, 9 January 2021

Watercolour Cats

I entered 2021 working on a painting of my mother's black and white cat called Daisy. I created this painting entirely using just two complimentary watercolour paints (Winsor Red and HWC Marine Blue).

A watercolour painting of a black and white cat
Daisy the Black and White Cat, Watercolour, Moti Black 2021

Just as Covid was kicking off back in 2020, I finished Molly the Long Haired Tabby Cat with a similar technique: using two complimentary watercolours, but adding a few others to pick out colour of the nose and the eyes. This painting winged its way to friends in Germany just before we all went into lockdown.

A watercolour image of a long haired tabby cat
Molly the Long Haired Tabby Cat, Watercolour, Moti Black 2020

Back in 2017, before I ever read a book on colour theory, I painted our old cat for my husband. I played around with blues and reds, and this kick started my interest in using complementary colours. 

Pooky the Black Cat, Watercolour, Moti Black 2017

In 2015, I painted my brother's cat, Toast. Back then, I was still using student watercolour halfpans and dreadful brushes, which I cut strands off, thinking fewer bristles would make doing tiny detail easier (it does not.)

Watercolour painting of Toast the Tabby Cat
Toast the Tabby Cat, Watercolour, Moti Black, 2015

In 2015, I met my soul mate, Lydia the rescue cat. Rightfully, she was the first cat I painted since I decided to train myself up as an artist. This is her playing with her favourite orange feather boa. I entered the painting in a competition and came second, although I think there may have only been two entries.

Watercolour painting of a black and white cat with a moustache
The Mona Lydia, Watercolour, Moti Black, 2015

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