Saturday, 23 November 2019

Pittenweem Pumpkin Challenge: Overview

Last year I set myself the challenge of carving 31 pumpkins this October. Unfortunately, I didn't quite succeed, but I did get to 31 Pumpkins by mid November.

Below is a video montage of all of the carvings I created. Although it goes up to twenty nine, pumpkins eighteen and nineteen both have an extra carving which I didn't count separately, as at the time I was riding high and thought I would easily create many extra carvings, so could discount the pumpkin flops.

(There is no sound to this video).

I found that trying to write a detailed blog on how to carve pumpkins whilst trying to carve thirty one pumpkins in a month was a bit much to take on, so I will go back and tidy up, add to and tweak the posts I put up this year. I also found that the time pressure to create pumpkin carvings meant I didn't have time to experiment, and at times focused on whipping off a carving rather than working on better designs and carvings. 

I have put up several of the photos of the carvings on RedBubble, and I'm having fun with photoshop converting some of the other designs into products. If I have missed out an image you would like to see, or you would like an image in a different colour, just message me.

So this is the part where I set myself the challenge for next year...

Twenty Pumpkins for 2020

With a focus on Scottish Castles (but not all of them will be castles.)

Please join me! 

Set yourself a challenge, be it caving 31 pumpkins or more, or carving your first ever pumpkin, and share your creations on social media with #PittenweemPumpkins2020

(Edited to add; due to the Corona Virus, I am not spending this summer travelling Scotland, photographing castles for this project, so will just do 20 random images.)

Pumpkin Carving Hints and Tips Index:

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