Monday, 1 June 2020

The Seven Swords of Piracy

The Seven Swords of Piracy by Moti Black (March 2020)
(Text Below)

I wrote this poem back in March due to the rise in people defending their choices to buy pirated goods and attacking artists and friends of artists for pointing out the problems and consequences of knowingly buying pirated goods.

With the sad news that yet another artist I admire is thinking of leaving their chosen field due to people deliberately opting for low price pirated goods rather than buying genuine goods, I thought I would share the poem on my blog.

The art work for the above image was taken from a pumpkin I carved in 2019, and is available on RedBubble.

The Seven Swords of Piracy (Piracy Kills Creativity) 


I cannot be held accountable for the things it is I buy.
How can I tell if it’s genuine, when sellers always lie?
     Do a bit of research, check why it’s too good to be true.
     Look at the product and the vendor: assess the real value.

Foregoing Responsibility

I am not the bad guy here, it’s got nothing to do with me,
I paid money, I did not steal: my friends tell me they agree.
     You paid someone to steal for you, you condone the work they do.
     Money makes this market grow: the money that comes from you.

Consequence Denial 

I get something a bit cheap; the artist gets a free advert,
You’re making a fuss over nothing, no one is getting hurt.
     You’re handing money to criminals, and what that funds, who knows?
     You hurt the artist, reduce investment, and bring fresh art to new lows.


The greedy artists charge too much, they must be rich, don’t you see?
I can’t afford the prices they charge, that’s why there’s piracy.
     Most artists aren’t as rich as you think, and you clearly don’t value their art.
     Would you be happy working for free for some self-entitled upstart?

Compulsion Disorders

I have an addiction and you have no right to make me feel like this.
Publishers should not push their wares when they know that we can’t resist.
     If you are being genuine, please seek professional advice.
     But it’s not an excuse and don’t tell others to buy fake merchandise.

Faux Ethics 

There’re always those silly extras, that come with authentic goods.
I’m doing it for the environment, I’m helping to save those woods.
     You could buy the item second hand, or not buy it at all.
     Your blatant consumerism weakens your claim to a higher call.

The Blithe Shopper 

Look, I don’t care, say what you want, it’ll have no impact on me.
To be honest, if I could, I’d be printing art out for free.
     For all the artists, can I just say, you are not welcome to our art.
     To knowingly buy pirated goods, reveals a truly selfish heart.

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