Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Pittenweem Pumpkins: The Challenge Begins...

What are you doing?

I have set myself the goal of carving 31 pumpkins in October.

I will share images of these pumpkins on social media and on Redbubble.

On twitter, Instagram and Facebook, I am @motiblackart, and I will use the hashtag #PittenweemPumpkins2019

I will also try to blog here most days, sharing the things I am learning about pumpkin carving and the highs and lows of this mad challenge I have set myself.

I am already cheating a bit, as I got hold of two pumpkins yesterday, so plan to start carving tonight.

I carve pumpkins to be photographed in the dark, I then use the photos or photoshop the images and upload them to Redbubble. This means some of the pumpkins don’t look the same in lighter conditions.

What do you do with the pumpkins when you have photographed them?

If you like the look of something I have carved, I am happy for you to pop round a view the pumpkin (please contact me to arrange a time, and remember it will have to be after dark!), you can even take the pumpkins away for a small donation to a local Pittenweem charity (such as the West Braes Project or the Library, the choice is yours).

If no one wants the pumpkin, I will turn it around and carve the other side to avoid waste. If they are still unclaimed at this point, they get the candle wax scraped off them and put in the compost. Most of the pumpkins I am carving are not the 'nutritional' pumpkin variety, so not ideal for eating: especially once they are a few days old, covered in candle wax and slightly burnt in places.

Can I join in?

Please do!

Get carving and post photos of your own pumpkins with the hashtag #PittenweemPumpkins2019.

Organise pumpkin carving parties, line the streets of Pittenweem (or wherever you are) with pumpkins!

The more pumpkins the better!


If you are organising a pumpkin related fund raising event for a charity or local cause, let me know and I will give you a shout out here.

How can I support you?

Please follow me on Twitter and Instagram, or like my page on Facebook.

Encouraging comments or likes will help keep my morale up during the long hard slog.

You can also have a look at my Redbubble shop and get your Christmas shopping done early ;-)

Thank you :-)

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