Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Pittenweem Pool and the West Braes Auction 2019

Pittenweem Pool, West Braes Auction Poster

On 12th January, 2019, The West Braes Project are holding an auction to raise money for the restoration of the Pittenweem Sea Bathing Pool. I said I would donate a painting, so my first task of 2019 was to paint a suitable image, and I chose to do the Pittenweem Pool

Using the same techniques as the 50 x Firth of Forth Scenes I have been working on, I deployed the masking tape and cling film, but with the addition of masking fluid under the cling to create gaps for the rocks to stand out against the sea effect.

Work in Progress, Pittenweem Pool with the masking fluid and cling still in place.

Oops, I was not expecting the cling to stick so fervently to the masking fluid! That certainly created an extra hurdle

The sea effect once the masking fluid and cling were removed.

Once I had the sea completes, I did a wash for the sky and started to paint the details of the rocks. I decided I wanted the concrete frame of the pool to stand out as a bright shape against the rest of the painting.

Adding the details to the Pittenweem Pool.

The image is 7.5 x 9.5 inches and the cream mount is cut to 11 x 14 inches. The item comes mounted, backed and wrapped in cellophane.

Pittenweem Pool, January 2019
Moti Black, Watercolour

If you want to bid on the original, you can contact the West Braes Project to make a bid (or turn up to the Auction on the day). However, be quick, it's only a couple of days away! For more details visit www.thewestbraes.co.uk. If you miss out on bidding on the original painting, this image has been uploaded to RedBubble.

Here is Lydia modelling the painting after making a full recovery from her misadventures over the festive period.

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