Monday, 17 December 2018

50 x FFS

Back in August, I got another silly idea in my head. I decided to paint a picture of the Isle of May for a friend's birthday. I took three tubes of paint and a bit of clingfilm and created a pretty picture without that much hassle.

But then I got cold feet, thinking she may not like the painting, and got her something else.

(Updated to add - I gave her the painting a year later and she loved it.)

A watercolour painting of the Isle of May
Isle of May, Watercolour, Moti Black 2018

This image can be found on RedBubble here

So I thought, well I could do one of Bass Rock and Berwick Law/Craig Leith and it would make a nice set to sell at the Pittenweem Festival, which I hope to exhibit at for the first time in 2019. It shouldn't be too hard.

WTF????? About 30 attempts later, I managed to get the sea right, but then I messed up the sky.


But, I am good a silly ideas and pig headedness, so I continued and finally I got a Bass Rock I kinda loved.

A watercolour painting of Bass Rock
Bass Rock, Watercolour, Moti Black 2018

I'll admit getting a Berwick Law/Craig Leith that I am really happy with is still beyond my grasp, although I have a few contenders.

A watercolour painting of Berwick Law and Craig Leith
Berwick Law and Craig Leith, Watercolour, Moti Black, 2018

But the project has now taken over. I have piles of sheets of paper all around my office with seas I love, all different, all with potential. Some I have created skies for: some fail, some are fantastic. And some I have started on land masses for, at which point, some end up in the recycling, and some make it through.

So there has been a lot of FFS! going on.

And that is where is where my mad brain comes in! Trying to think up a name for this project, I come up with Fifty Firth of Forth Scenes (from Fife). And so I shall continue until I have Fifty Firth of Forth Scenes (50 x FFS) all created using the same 3 tubes of paint (with a little extra titanium white where highlights are needed), but all with different lighting, clouds, birds, boats etc.

You can follow my progress over at Red Bubble where I will upload images I think may make the final cut (and a few which I like but won't count towards the final 50 for various reasons.)

Until then, Lyds is a bit busy getting ready for Christmas, so she has left it up to her little nephew Tops to show you how to keep warm this winter...

A photo of a black cat under a radiator

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