Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Caves of Caiplie, East Neuk of Fife (Near Crail)

I first saw these amazing caves in 2005, when my father, aunt and I, walked from Cellardyke to Crail along the Fife coastal path. It's a bit of a slog, but if you're a keen walker, I would recommend going and seeing them in person. It wouldn't be until 2016, shortly after I had moved to Fife from Sheffield, that I was able to visit them again.

I recently finished a painting of these caves which I had been working on for a while. It was one of those paintings I would put away for months, then pick up during rare quiet moments only to find I had completely forgotten the colour scheme I was working with, but I eventually got there and, together with my painting of my darling Snoop, it is currently at the framers, making it the joint-first painting I will have ever got professionally framed.

Speaking of finishing things, I have also finished chapter twelve of my novel, The Casa Martyrs. I love it when everything is planned out, and the characters manage to stick 100% to the plan, but once they start talking, they do it in a way I hadn't imagined, and a much better way than I, as the boring narrating overlord, had originally decreed. I guess it pays to have invested time in getting to know each of the characters intimately.

Chapter thirteen has now been ruthlessly gutted and restructured and is awaiting its rewrite, and I've had a few ideas for some paintings related to the book I hope to start work on soon. Although my next painting is related to the Caiplie Caves painting, but I won't say how just yet ;-)

I am still gathering equipment for my experimentation with Moku Hanga, so no updates on that, except a warning that it is a good idea to check the weight of the Japanese Mulberry paper you are buying online ;-)

Anyway, I am popping off to make a Mandolin Birthday Card, so Lyds and I shall bid you farewell.

Lydia illustrating why picking cat hair out of wet paint is such a useful skill for my creative process!

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